REVIEW: ‘Relativity’ by Antonia Hayes

relativityIN BRIEF:

A powerful novel that resonates with emotional authenticity in challenging some universally held ‘truths’ about how and why people hurt newborn babies

REVIEW: ‘Pieces of Sky’, by Trinity Doyle

pieces-of-skyIN BRIEF:

Suitable for teens 15+, this is the coming-of-age story of Lucy Taylor – a 16 year old whose world is turned upside down when her brother drowns in a surfing accident. 

Meet Melanie Napthine, author of ‘Lost Boy’

Victorian writer, Melanie Napthine is the winner of this year’s Margaret River Press Short Story Competition for her unsettling tale, ‘Lost Boy’ – after which the anthology of shortlistees is also named. (Shameless plug – my story ‘Glory Season’ is also published in the collection!) It was a genuine thrill to read this story, which is disturbing in the best…

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